Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sample Sales

If you're in the NYC area, check it may find something you like or even love!


Showroom Seven Spring Sample Sale

Be the center of attention wherever you go by wearing the most fabulous collections around! Showroom Seven is offering designer sportswear and accessories at wholesale and below. Sample sale highlights include:
  • Michelle Obama's turquoise convention brooch by Erickson Beamon now $242, orig. $605
  • Orla Kiely V-neck cardigan now $155, orig. $356
  • Issa flutter sleeve silk jersey jumpsuit now $325, orig. $800
  • Tony Cohen chiffon ruffle sleeve dress now $200, orig. $600
  • A&G Cashmere"God Save The Queen" intarsia pullovers now $225, orig. $562
  • Tee Party cotton twist cardigan with detail now $30, orig. $100
  • Bloch London ballet wedge now $96, orig. $220
Event Begins: 2.09.2009
Event Ends: 2.20.2009
Event Times: Mon-Sat 10am-7pm, Closed Sun
Location: 263 11th Avenue (bet 27th & 28th)
NYC, NY 10001

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Get Red Hot for Valentine's Day!!!!

happy valentine's day Pictures, Images and Photos

So, some of us boycott the day, especially the "Single Ladies" and then there are some of us who completely immerse ourselves in the whole "Red Hot" love fest which is Valentine's Day! Well, whether you have your love sponge or are trying to attract that hottie, you should do it in shoes that will make him look twice, maybe even trice! Check you out mama!

Payless has these sexy patent-leather t-straps, Kassie for a mere $26.99, and no that is not the sale price! I can see you ladies tearing up the salsa floor in these fire-engine red pumps! You just may need to be hosed down! Ow! Lol!

I seriously hearts Pictures, Images and Photosthese shoes!!! I would probably never take them off...aren't they sweet! I'm a size 8 for those who love me!!! This is probably the most awesome collaboration between Melissa Shoes + Vivienne Westwood. Snag them yourself for $175!

Your sugarplum-honeybunch will be seeing stars as you strut in these Marc Jacob must-haves for $484! He'll be thinking he's found a true angel! Flip these babies upside down and show him what a devil you can be when you're serving him dessert! Yum!

Now, it's still February, so it's still a bit chills-ville outside but you can still look steamy hot, can't you? Alexandra Neel can help you with that task with these sale boots for $399 ...Photobucket
Suede tie-ups moccasins with luxurious fur trim will not only keep those stems warm, but affording you that "I'm casual, but damn sexy" appeal! As Tim Gunn says, "Make it work!"

Chloe doesn't put up a shabby showing either. Look stunning in these "studded" leather slouch boots also on sale for $759. Throw on those dark skinny jeans and a great blouse to wow the many male spectators who are sure to be falling in line just to look at you!

In closing, I say bring the sexy out on Valentine's Day ladies...whether it's on your feet or simply your smile.

XOXO...The Shoenista!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Shoe Umbrella...


That would be Shuella! I mean it's literally a plastic boot that protects your real shoes. How fantastic is that????

Now, ladies, how many times have you coordinated your outfit with the perfect shoes to match- leather, suede, silk- and then the forecast calls for rain? Are you not thouroughly pissed that instead of sporting your new outrageous heels or even fantastic flats that you now have to resort to wearing those hideous sneakers until you reach your destination???!!! They don't coordinate with your outfit or your outerwear and now you look like an 80's mom in your pantyhose, socks and sneaks! Well, thank goodness that instead of pouting like most of us, Rebecca Miller, founder of Shuella, got off her well-heeled behind and did something about it! Behold, the Shuella...

Photobucket Photobucket

Priced at $49.95 and available in 3 candy-licious colors of pink, yellow, green and of course the basic black, these wedge heel styled boots also add a dash of flavor to your ensemble. Oh, the most important detail is that these fit right over your shoes...heels or flats. I love them already! But, please do not venture out into the snow in these...these babies are for rain only! And just like an umbrella, they are easy to fold up and store in a pouch (which is included and photo'd above), so that it fits right in your bag! Super functional!

With spring steadily approaching, these will be a great replacement for those YUCK-boots! I must order these pronto...I'd advise you do the same!