Friday, March 20, 2009

Piperlime's Secret Sale Today Only!!!!!


I checked out the selection myself and think that there are a few good steals!!! Lots of Fall/Winter footwear at terrific prices!!!! Although this is the first official day of Spring it's not exactly frolic in the park season, so you may even be able to sport some of these shoes and boots now!

My fav...Photobucket
These DRU New York grey leather boots with the lace up front are super cute!!!! Currently on final sale at $149.97, you can save an additional 15% TODAY only during the SECRET SALE at!

I advise you ladies take advantage!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Kanye West for Louis Vuitton


So the self-proclaimed, "Louis Vuitton Don", Mr. Kanye West has begun to materialize his dreams of designing. Mr. West who seems to have a rather intense passion for the world of all things fashionable has been more than adamant about pursuing this goal to match his already extensive musical credentials. While I am a huge fan of the egotistical musical phenomenon, I sometimes question his style choices...not very often mind you...I love when artists are so out of the box that they seem somewhat maniacal!

Released are the photos and the even more controversial confirmed prices for the footwear collection that he has designed for Louis Vuitton. Honestly, I'm not quite sure as to what folks were expecting, after all these still bear the logo and moniker of one the most respected luxury labels in the industry. Coupled with the input of a Grammy-Award winning artist, throw in a LV and what I'm assuming will be a limited edition collection, you can only expect to dole out top dollar! These are not for the recession bargain specialists!

Naturally, The Shoenista being all about great taste...champagne over beer anyday honey, with simply soda pop money...just adores the Jasper style for $1140, with the pink sole and tassled laces. A fine detail to a sporty shoe. Those are the thousand dollar details you pay LV for!!! LOL...a mess!

Anywho, here are a couple of other Louis Vuitton sneaker styles for the fellas if Mr. West's creative juices didn't necessarily whet your appetite...Enjoy!

Graffiti Sneaker Boot, $980

Skipper Patent Sneaker Richelieu, $545


Monogram Leather Street Sneaker, $620

Friday, March 6, 2009

The Shoenista turns into Dear Abby...

Dear Shoenista:

I’m off to Paris in two weeks and while I’m very excited, my feet are a little hesitant. As a New York City gal I do a lot of walking, but I will be truly putting my feet to the test, making my rounds through the “city of lights”. During my last trip I had the good fortune of being there in the summer, when flip flops and sandals can give your feet a stylish break. No such luck this time! I already have all my stylish outfits selected (in my mind at least, I don’t pack until the “day of”), but my shoes on the other hand are up in the air. I’m looking for the perfect flat. My dream flat would be like my dream man--dark, handsome, comfortable, trusty, classic, stylish and perfect for any occasion. Also, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that our economy is pretty much the equivalent of dog poo, so affordability is key! Can you help me out Shoenista, if not for me, for my aching dogs! Woof, woof!


Soleless in Paris

p.s. I also have flat feet *ouch*!

Dear Soleless in Paris,

I simply cannot explain how elated I was to receive your email. Obviously you already know that I live to give you women and men advice on what should and should not be gracing your feet, so I am more than ready to get down to business. I agree that black should be the color of goes with everything. I would also like to express my insane jealousy of your trip to the big "City of Lights" and all things fashionable. Remember Shoey on your travels! ;)

Elie Tahari, Sale $138.60

These are really sweet ballet flats. Available in both black and silver with a dash of garnish at the toe and comfort of a rubber pieced sole, I think these may love your feet as much as you love them!

MICHAEL Michael Kors, Sale $89.25
A bow makes everything better, doesn't it? It can feminize (is that even a word??) just about anything! The patent leather doesn't make a shabby showing on these Michael Kors flats either. Great with a dress, skirt, slacks or jeans!

Marc by Marc Jacobs, $250
Not black and probably not in the range you were looking to spend, but oh-so-adorable! I figured that I would slip them in there!

Kate Spade, Sale $99.99
Ultra-classy for a simple flat shoe. You can wear these years from now. The puzzle ornament from the right foot will be the missing link to the left. How fun!

Jeffrey Campbell, Sale $71.40
Because flats usually lose some style points, I figured the corseted ankle would bring a little sexy back. Still this shoe is quite versatile!

Alexandre Herchcovitch, $119

A little sporty, a little hipster and a whole lot of cute! Yes, they are plastic...a collaboration between A.H. and Melissa...but I'm sure they are comfy! Just remember your socks!

Christian Louboutin, $539
Just in case you changed your mind about spending a boat load or by some miraculous event this Debbie-Downer of an economy changes or you meet Mr. Tall, Dark and this point handsome is not so important... I took it upon myself to throw in the jeweled flat from Monsieur Louboutin himself. You are after all going to be in his homeland...shouldn't you go prepared???

Thursday, March 5, 2009


I know we all associate Aerosoles as being our mother's shoes, and frankly, what's so wrong with that??? Women of a certain age need their own "go-to's"! Aerosoles has definitely revamped their collections and even invite you in to see them first-hand at their "Let Us Pamper You" event!
If you're in the NYC area please do attend and enjoy!


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Candy Coated Accents

Now what's sweeter than some sugar-filled, flavorful candy that makes your taste buds tingle with ecstasy??? FootCandy would be the answer, honey! Guiseppe Zanotti has adorned his Spring/Summer 2009 collection with candy colored accents to make the already palatable footwear even more delectable!

The super-sized hot pink and lavender buckles on the flat and wedge sandals remind me of sweet Now and Laters, and that kick of color lends a playfulness to the modish shoe.
Available at Zappos, $653.95
Available at Zappos, $998.95

This hot pink just makes my mouth drool...I'm instantly reminded of those precious candy necklaces that I used to treasure as a little girl as though they were Hope Diamonds! Now my feet can experience the exact same feelings when strutting in these confectionery get-ups!
Available at Zappos, $653.95
Available at Zappos, $698.95

Yummm...feel like going to get my sugar fix now...cotton candy, here I come!

Monday, March 2, 2009

The Shoenista on MOF...Mavens of Fashion!

Hey all...

I've missed you. Anyhow, today I'm just letting you in on a little info. The Shoenista has spread her wings and has been penning shoe trends for a new and upcoming site called, Mavens of Fashion. The site provides fashion tidbits as well as serves as a great networking site for those in the fashion industry.

Every Monday, I provide the lowdown on the upcoming season's hottest trends so that you all know what and more importantly, what should not be gracing your feet!!! My articles can be found in the Editorials Section under Accessories. I hope you all enjoy the site as much as you enjoy mine...but not too much mind you! LOL! But stay tuned here because I will always have other goodies for my little shoe whores!

Thanks ladies...

XOXO...The Shoenista